Aluminum Lift-sliding Doors

The lift slide door system refers to a roller system of European design.

It allows door panels to be lifted above a 3/16″ flush track to roll easily when opening or closing the door.

When lowered, the weight of the door, a special gasketing system,and multi-point locking provide

excellent weather resistance and security.


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1 Product name aluminum lift and slide door
2 Material aluminum alloy,6063-T5
3 Profile Thickness 2.0mm
4 Surface treament anodized/electrophoresis/ powder coated/VDF coating.
5 Material color white/champage/grey/wood grain/natural for optional
6 Glass standard configuration:5+12A+5mm double glazed,clear tempered glass 
Other configuration: 5+9A/23A27A+5mm,frosted/reflective/

insulated/low-e/tinted glass

7 Hardware: HOPO Brand
8 Door size Custom size.
9 Screen door can equip with screen door
10 Grids/grilles can add some grids/grilles between the double glass,

which will look more beautiful.

11  Venetian Blinds  can equip with manual/electric venetian blinds
1.The advanced sliding door design is capable of extraordinarily large sizes

2.Durability and advanced design have enabled Lift Slide Doors to withstand 

rigorous hurricane and meet impact testing standards.

3.Meet the performance demands of custom architecture

4.The flush bottom tracking which projects above the flush floors 5mm or 3/16″. 

This creates a beautiful and seamless transition between interior and exterior living spaces.

5.Concealed Multi-point closure