Aluminum T&T Window

 Structural features:

  1. Adopt double guarded design, to increase the wind resistance index.
  2. Use the open wood technology for splicing frame, and use imported waterproof glue before splicing, the colloid is fully extruded when we fasten screw, so the waterproof problem is solved.
  3. Profile adopts European standard hardware notch, muti point locking, to achieve very good burglarproof effect.
  4. Performance of doors and windows meets the national standards

Series: tilt turn aluminum window
Name/Model: Australia AS2047 standard and NOA standard thermal break double glass aluminum tilt turn aluminum window
Standard/Certificate: Comply with AS2047/CSAStandrd/NFRC/Florida standard
Glass Standard: Comply with AS2208/IGCC
Color choice: Standard:matt black;frosted black;white;Grey.

Customized:Brozen;sliver grey;clear anodized;wood color and some others.

Thermal Insulation: U value from 1.5 to 2.0 W/M2k
Window Rating: N6
Sample lead time 7 days
Water penetration: 150 pa
Ultimate strength 3000pa
Air infiltration 75/150
Extrusion alloys: 6063-T5 profile with 2.0-3.0 mm thickness
Hardware: Australia doric;German brand with 10 year warranty
Surface treatment: Powder coated meet AS 3715, Electrophoresis,PVDF,Anodizing,or wood color