Best Solar Mounting System Manufacturer in China MINDA Aluminum

Best Solar Mounting System Manufacturer in China

When it comes to solar technology, there are so many things such as solar panels, batteries, solar energy storages, right measurement of the number of panels required to power a household, selling additional power to the grid, and so on.

But a very important component of the solar power system that goes un-talked and almost unnoticed is the solar panel mounting system. Do we know about a popular solar panel mounting manufacturer? Though such manufacturers are integral to the solar power business, they have been out of focus for long. A China solar panels company would often walk away with all the credit and limelight of making this technology available to the world at an affordable price.

But now, there is a Chinese company who is making ripples for making those important mounting fixtures without which keeping the solar panels securely in their place would not have been possible.

Yes, we are talking about MINDA Aluminum Company. This is a large-scale aluminum profiles manufacturer with over 1,000 staff and a capacity to deliver 60,000 tons of finished products annually. Founded in 1994, the company has 23 press machines that can process 600 to 2500 tons of extrusions into finished aluminum profiles. Its solar mounting aluminum profiles adhere to strict national and international standards.

The company has been supplying its solar panel profiles to Australia, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, South Africa, Chile, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, Benin, Philippines.


In a standard residential set-up, solar-panel rows are attached to aluminum rails on the top of the roof. Each panel is attached to two rails with the help of clamps. The rails themselves are fastened to the roof with bolts or screws. In this mounting structure, solar panels are attached to several aluminum rails with nut, bolts, and clampers.

This is the most common type of solar panel installation. Same rail structures are used for solar panel installation on the ground or on the façade of a building. This structure helps in retro-fitting of solar panels on the roof.


Different cross sectional profiles are required for various engineering and technological needs such as installation of solar panels on the roof, façade, or the ground. Metal extrusions for this kind of profile are obtained by pushing heated metals or alloys through a die. These extrusions can be hollow, sold, or semi-hollow. They can be simple as well as complex structures.


Some of the most popular aluminum profiles used in the mounting of solar panels comes from MINDA Aluminum Company.


· Ballasted Triangle Structure

· Kliplok Non-Penetration Hooks

· Mounting Tile Hook Bracket

· Tilt Kit Front & Rear Legs

· Tin Roof L-Feet Bracket

· Solar Roof Mounting System

· Fixed & Adjustable Triangle Structure Tilt Angle

· SMS Concrete Foundation

· SMS Double Pile Ground

· SMS Ground Screw

· SMS Single Pile Ground

As we can see from the above details, solar panel mounting manufacturers play a very important role in the entire solar power revolution that’s taking the world in its sweep. Without these critical rails, fixtures, clamps, nuts, and bolts, mounting of solar panels was never going to be so easy and reliable.

Solar technology is hot these days because this is a renewable source of energy that everybody is interested in. It’s clean energy and it does not leave any carbon print. For many areas where electricity has not reached, solar power is a viable, feasible, and reliable source of energy.

There are many a China solar panels company, but there are only a few that are into the manufacturing of accessories required for the mounting of solar panels. Looking at the huge production capacity and its well-developed market, MINDA Aluminum Company is by all means a top player in this space.

There are millions and millions of solar panels mounted all over the world. Without the unwavering support of the critical aluminum profiles used in their mounting, this milestone was not easy to achieve. The role of MINDA Aluminum Company is therefore praiseworthy in getting these solar panels mounted.


For the solar panels to be installed securely and reliably, we need strong and durable mounting structures. Besides, we also need a whole range of supporting tools. MINDA Aluminum Company has emerged as one of the biggest and best suppliers of many of these products.

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