How to Choose Reliable Aluminum Sliding Window Manufacturer MINGDA

How to Choose Reliable Aluminum Sliding Window Manufacturer

Are you on the lookout for the right manufacturer and supplier of SLIDING WINDOWS? If the answer is in the affirmative, you are likely to get some positive and useful information over the next few lines. There is a huge and continuing demand for different types of windows and doors both for domestic and commercial uses. However, the challenge lies in being in a position to identify the right supplier and manufacturer. This is not easy because of a number of reasons. There are dozens of manufacturers and suppliers and it takes quite a bit of effort to make sure that you are able to identify the right Steel, wood or ALUMINUM WINDOW MANUFACTURER. This will ensure that you are able to get the right windows and doors at the right products.


There is no doubt that China is becoming a major supplier for different types of doors and windows and therefore they could be considered as the one stop solution for the best of CHINA WINDOWS AND DOORS. This is a professional aluminum profile manufacturer. The company was set up in the year 1994 and over the past 26 years, they have been able to leave a good impression and positive footprint in the minds of thousands of small, big and medium customers across the world. There are many reasons for this and we are listing down a few of the main reasons for their success story in a competitive business environment.

A LARGE MANUFACTURING BASEHow to Choose Reliable Aluminum Sliding Window Manufacturer MINGDA

Over the years, MINDA Aluminum Company has been able to establish a powerful and large manufacturing base. Today they boast of a big factory measuring quite big and this certainly is no mean achievement. They have dozens of employees working for them directly and there could be thousands more working indirectly. They are capable of producing window and doors of different sizes, shapes and designs to the tune of 60,000 tons per year. They also have 23 press machines and they range from 600 tons and can go up to 2500 tones. They are capable of manufacturing tough and long lasting doors and windows measuring a diameter of around 310 mm.


It is tough for window and door manufacturing companies to survive and grow in a highly competitive and tough market environment. Hence, credit must go to this firm for becoming quite successful over the years. There are many reasons for their success. To start off, the MINDA Aluminum Group was one of the first to have started manufacture of doors and windows using the best of technologies. Today, they have the famous and advanced German technology to help them product doors and windows of world class standard. Further, they manufacture the products strictly as per GB5237-2004 standard and other such famous standards including EN standard. They have recently ramped up their production capacity to around 100,000 tons and they boast of around 1000 product series. At the same time they also have more than 150,000 ready mould. They are exporting their products including WATERPROOF ALUMINUM WINDOWS to many countries. These countries include Singapore, Ghana, Chile, Australia, Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa, Philippines, and Thailand amongst a host of other countries. They have been able to make a strong for themselves in many countries of the world and are also adding new countries and markets to their list.


The aluminum that is manufactured in this unit in China is capable of making a wide variety of products. These include Aluminum chair that are suited for restaurants, aluminum bar tables, different sizes and specifications of portable folding table made from high grade aluminum, aluminum chairs for wedding, banquet and other such special purposes and also aluminum chairs that are suited for outdoor decoration and luxury.


Apart from the above, the firm also makes some of the best and high quality aluminum profiles for construction and other high end purposes. These have many applications and are commonly used for setting up solar panels, and also various types of PVC folding door and also for PVC casement doors and French doors.


When we look at the journey and progress of MINDA Aluminum Company, there are quite a few takeaways. The company is highly focused on quality, after sales and pre-sales support. They also believe in offering the most value for money for all the products that they manufacture for customers across the world.

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