Concrete Foundation Solar Mounting System

Concrete foundation solar mounting system is workable for flat land and sloped hill condition.

item no.: GS2 Mount

lead time:within 2 working weeks

product origin:Qingdao,China



Material: Al6005-T5

Snow Load: Up to 200cm

Wind Speed: Up to60m/s

Install Site: even/uneven land

Foundation Type: Concrete


With concrete base, the cost of ground mounting structure can be saved with less components.High pre-assembled of the structure and components make the installation easier and quicker at site.
Highly flexibility for different soil condition,Concrete civil size can be built to be workable for flat ground and sloped hill land.


1. AL6005-T5 Aluminum anodized material for structure and components.
2. Most economical solution for ground solar pv projects.
3. Strong anti-wind and anti-corrosive in heavy salty condition.
4. Concrete foundation is flexible for hard and sandy soil condition.


Concrete Foundation Solar Mounting System 01