Double Pile Carport Solar Mounting System

Carport System provides you with an energy-saving and environmental protection carport.There are workable solutions to make carport to be waterproof all the time.

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Double Pile Carport Solar Mounting System 04

Installation Condition

Installation site Open area
Foundation Ground Screw/Concrete Base
Max Wind Loading Up to 60m/s
Max Snow Loading 1.65KN/㎡
Tilt Angle 0°~ 60°
Module Orientation Landscape/Portrait
Material Aluminum/Carbon steel

 Double Pile Carport Solar Mounting System  

Double Pile Carport Solar Mounting System mainly divide into aluminum and carbon steel solar carport, improving design based on rigorous testing and data analysis. With continuous optimized design and quality after sales service. Shipped in pre-assembled form, easy to install, saving installation time and cost, can be customized carport systems according to customer needs.


1. High cost-effective, effective utilization space
2. High compatibility, free design and apply to all kinds of PV modules according to the actual ground condition
3. High strength design, high strength design can withstand strong wind and snow
4. Quality assurance, 10 years guarantee, 25 years service life