Perforated aluminum honeycomb panel is made from perforated aluminum sheets with built-in sound-absorbing fabrics (optional) and honeycomb structure aluminum foil by sandwich lamination, very popular for interior and exterior decoration, especially for the insulated wall or ceiling systems.

Product Features

As the air layer between the surface and base is separated by honeycomb into many closed holes, the spread of heat and sound waves is considerably limited; the product have the quality of heat preservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, shockproof performance. At the same time, they have flat appearance, light weight, high intensity, good rigidity, superior fire resistance, durability, good decoration effects and recyclable processing etc characteristics.

Applicable Scopes

Honeycomb panels are widely used in airports, stadiums, the rail transit station, functional test hall, purifying workshop, hospitals, large scale business center, grand hotels and traffic noise barrier screens on the road etc.

Product Specification

Thickness Range 10mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 30mm 40mm 50mm (customize)
Length Range 2000mm 2400mm 3000mm 3200mm
Width Range 1200mm 1250mm 1500mm
Raw Aluminum Material 3003,5005 series high grade aluminum
Colors according RAL or specific requirements available 
Ac king Wooden-box or in bulk
Delivery Date Standard color, needs 7-10 days, special color and width need 25 days
Technical Support professional technical team on-site measurements, graphing, guidance

Surface Treatment Performance of Honeycomb Panel

Serial No. Test Item Test Results
1 Paint film specifications Conform to AAMA2605, JG/T-133-2000 requirement
2 Dry film thickness 25um as minimum for two sprays, 32um as minimum for three sprays
3 Color consistency ASTMD2244 Allowable range in single light source
4 60ºC luster ASTMD-523 Prescriptive ±5
5 Hardness: pencil Grade HB as a minimum
6 Adhesion: cross scribbling method(1/16 wet film, dry film,boiling water) No paint film stripping off
7 Direct impacting No paint film stripping off
8 Wearability ASTMD968 Wearing coefficient no less than 40
9 Acid resistance 10% hydroelectric drop test No corrosion within 15 minutes
10 Salt spray resistance ASTM B-117 4000 hours, within 1/16
11 Detergent resistance ASTM D2248 No corrosion within 72 hours

Surface Treatment Performance Data

Serial No. Items Unit δ=10mm
1 Weight Kg/m² 7
2 Thermal expansion coefficient / ºC 23*10-6
3 Thermal conductivity W/MºC 1.7
4 Fire behaviour Non-combustible
5 Compress strength Mpa 1.02
6 Surface compress elastic modulus Mpa 98.2
7 Surface tensile elastic modulus Mpa 1.48