Single Pile Ground Solar Mounting System

Piling ground solar mounting structure is the most suitable solution for inclined land like hillside area.

item no.:GS2 Mount

product origin:Qingdao,China



Material: Aluminum or Q235B

Snow Load: Up to 200cm

Wind Speed: Up to 60m/s

Install Site: flat or uneven land

Foundation Type: Piling post


Pile ground mounting structure is completely workable by adjusting the driving depth to meet the Angle requirements,so as to be widely used for large PV plants on mountains.

Single Pile Ground Solar Mounting System 02-1


1. Various piling support types available for soil condition choose.
2. Ground mounted pv structure part can be aluminum material or Q235B carbon steel.
3. Adjustable tilt ground mount solar solution is welcome to customized design.
4. Very practical for large mountain solar projects in areas of heavy snowfall.


Single Pile Ground Solar Mounting System 01