Product Describe

Stone honeycomb panels are natural stone composite panels comprised of a thin stone veneer and an aluminum honeycomb backing which is sandwiched between impervious, high-strength, fiber-reinforced epoxy skin. panels from Stone Panels, Inc. can feature almost any stone; including granite, marble, limestone, slate and sandstone. Our natural stone composite panels have been used extensively for exterior, interior and renovation applications (among other applications).

Our  panel product has four major benefits when compared to traditional solid stone systems:

  • Lighter
  • Stronger
  • Impervious to water
  • Tested

Panels from Stone Panels, Inc. are one-fifth the weight of dimensional stone and provide huge savings regarding installation time, labor, and structural requirements. MINDA panels can resist 60 times more impact than granite that is 3 centimeters thick as a result of our patented manufacturing process.  

The fiber-reinforced epoxy skin found on our natural stone composite panels creates a waterproof barrier, making them impervious to water. These attributes, along with thorough testing for acid freeze-thaw, air and water filtration, structural and impact load, fire, attachment systems and more, place MINDA panels at the forefront as a building material of choice.

Raw Material

Aluminum top panel:thickness 3-5mm

Aluminum bottom panel:thickness 0.5-1.0mm

Aluminum honeycomb:the core material adopts model 3003H18 hexagon aluminum foil being 0.04-0.07mm thick with side length of 5-6mm.

Adhesives:adopts bi-component polymeric epoxied membrane and bi-component modified epoxy resins.

Stone Honeycomb Panel Specification

Front Sheet 4-6mm natural stone veneer
Reverse Panel 10/15/20/25mm aluminum honeycomb panel
Total Thickness 15/20/25/50mm
Standard Size 1220*2440mm&1500*3000mm
Weight 15.5kg/m2(for 20mm)
Adhesive epoxy resin(used between -40°C to 15°C)


Aluminum Honeycomb Core is widely used in electronic and industrial field which is including as below.

  • Crystal lattice for electric heater
  • Laser-beam cutter panel for textile machine
  • Network for traffic guidance light
  • Separator for illumination
  • Guidance for water and gas purification
  • Cooling agent carrier for air conditioner
  • Refrigerator and air purification
  • Screen printing panel
  • Shielding screen
  • Heat insulation screen