Tile Hook Mounting Bracket

Current tile roof solar mounting solutions can cope with most types of tile roofs on the markets and OEM customized design are welcome

item no.:Mingda Tile Roof

lead time:within 2 weeks


shipping port:Qingdao,China


Material: Stainless steel SUS304

Snow Load: Up to 200cm

Wind Speed: Up to 60m/s

Install Site: on tile roofs

Foundation Type: concrete/ground screw

Mingda uses the same material for bolts and nuts so as to enhance the safety of the whole roof solar mounting system.And BROAD roof brackets obtained professional technical certification license,especially widely used in Australia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Norway markets.


1. High quality stainless steel SUS304 material for tile hooks.
2. New design for mid clamps with 4 rivets as contacts with each panels to remove the additional grounding clips.
3. Different shape tile hooks available to work with different roman roofs and wood or steel purlins.

Tile Hook Mounting Bracket 03

Solutions for Tile Roofs

Tile Hook Mounting Bracket 02


Tile Hook Mounting Bracket 01