Tilt Kit Front And Rear Legs

Tilt bracket is a very fast and cost-effective roof support solution that can be applied to most types of roofs and achieve adjustable tilt angle between 0deg to 60deg at most.

item no.:Mingda tilt legs

lead time:within 2 weeks


shipping port:Qingdao,China


Material: Aluminum

Snow Load: Up to 200cm

Wind Speed: Up to 60m/s

Install Site: pitched or flat roofs


The best solution for tilt angle requirement on roofs for one row solar panels installation.Tilt legs bracket cab be installed on metal roof or flat concrete roofs.

Tilt Kit Front And Rear Legs 04


1. Aluminum material with clear anodized
2. Applied to metal roof with self-tapping screws or flat concrete roof with expansion bolts.
3. Tilt angle can be adjustable and customized design 10deg fixed angle,15-30deg,30-45deg tilt angle.

Tilt kits components  

Tilt Kit Front And Rear Legs 03